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rml p800 Compact Palletiser (Dual Bay)

rml p800 Compact Palletiser (Dual Bay)

The rml p800 compact palletiser is the perfect de-centralised palletiser for single line installations and multiple line installations where a centralised palletiser would either be too costly or create too much conveyor congestion.

Instead of the traditional palletising solutions which are built, assembled and tested on site, the p800 palletiser is assembled and tested at rml, and transported to the      customers site in one piece.  This means it is easy for the customer to relocate later without having to disassemble the unit.

It can be configured as a single or double bay unit and we can include a range of options such as slip sheet or layer board applicators, or even an automatic pallet dispenser. 

The p800 palletiser is perfect for AGV installations where the AGV can interface with the palletiser bays directly.

A major benefit of a decentralised palletiser solution, is that it can be placed directly at the end of each line. This eliminates the need for costly and layout constraining  conveyor networks.

  • Compact pre-assembled machine can be installed in hours
  • Modular construction which allows for a range of configurations
  • 12 cycles per minute depending on product weight
  • Gripper can pick multiple cartons
  • Vacuum supplied via vacuum pump
  • 4 axis servo control
  • Rapid product change via recipe presets
  • Perfect for AGV integration

  • Boom mounted HMI
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • Layer pad dispenser
  • Pallet dispenser
  • Pallet conveying
  • Ink Jet coder or labeller
  • Tailored grippers for unique products

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