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rml m149 Tray Lidder

rml m149 Tray Lidder

The rml m149 lidding machine is designed to accept freshly packed trays of meat, and apply glued lids reliably and squarely ready for storage or transport. Due to the unique method in which it applies the lid and compresses the glue, rml can guarantee a more reliable and accurate closure system resulting in less product contamination, less packaging rejects and hence lower costs for the customer.

Built from sturdy stainless steel, plated and plastic components, and with options such as automatic height adjustment and conforming stations, an rml m149 lidder is the obvious solution for your business.

  • Unique tray compression system which ensures reliable placement and gluing of tray lids
  • Full length glue beads on all flaps
  • Large magazine to minimize top up frequency
  • Suitable for chilled and frozen boxes
  • Comprehensive guarding and interlocking to AS4024.1
  • User friendly HMI touch screen to access operator functions, fault diagnosis, statistics and manual operation.
  • Compact footprint

  • Conforming station to condition trays prior to lidding
  • Full wash down and stainless steel construction
  • Infeed & outfeed conveyor directions to suit layout

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