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rml e178 RSC Case Erector

rml e178 RSC Case Erector

The rml e178 RSC Case Erector is designed to erect a wide range of RSC case sizes at up to 8 cases per minute. It is configured with a unique tape closing system where the case is held perfectly square while the 3M tape head is passed under the case. The case is then carried out of the erector on the return stroke as the tape head returns to the home position.

An overhead rod-less cylinder carries the plucking assembly which plucks and opens the case against a forming shoe as it retracts. In this way cases are erected positively prior to a squaring system clamping the carton in position for flap folding and taping.

The e178 erector is available in several special size ranges if required where a customer has unusually large or small cases.

The case magazine is at an ergonomic height so it is easy to load. The powered magazine ensures that case blanks are pushed firmly against the plucking window.

Attention to safety is paramount with full height interlocked guarding, and size adjustments can be performed rapidly and reliably by using digital counter winders and repeatable adjustments.

  • Intermittent motion pneumatically operated erector
  • Up to 8 cases/min in tape configuration
  • Guaranteed square case erection
  • Rapid size change adjustment
  • Full height access doors for maintenance & cleaning
  • Safety interlocked guarding
  • 3M-Matic tape head

  • Special size ranges
  • Stainless construction
  • Date coder or labeler
  • Carton counter
  • Vacuum pump
  • Out feed conveying

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